Surge Protection Devices V50: Intelligent construction, many practical details

The well-thought-out components of the V50 surge protectors offer many advantages like their high arresting capacity up to 50 KA (10/350), visual status displays, labelled connections or the optimized rating plate with a QR code for full traceability of each arrestor cover with web address stored for additional user information. 
All V50 surge protector devices are characterized by intelligent construction and many practical details like:

  • Connectable lightning current and surge arresters
  • Combination arrester for buildings with lightning protection
  • Available with optional remote signaling
  • Vibration-proof through Shock Guard
  • Simple standard hat rail mounting

Surge Protector: Function and areas of use

The V50 combination lightning and surge arresters function according to the IEC 61643-11 standard and fulfill the class I and class II requirements. These surge arresters’ function is to prevent low voltage consumer systems from over voltages of all types. They are available in single pole to four-pole versions. The voltage-limiting high-performance varistors provide several benefits.

V50 Surge arresters function absolutely reliable

The surge protection devices are characterized by an extremely short response time, a low protection level and a high current leakage capability with long service life. In addition, the surge protectors do not produce any line follow current. If circumstances are uncertain and there is a risk of fire from overloads, the cut-off unit disconnects the arrester safely from the mains. Usable in systems with lightning protection class 3.