The green future of cable tray installations: Ecological sustainability in production

Sustainability has been a core value for our brand OBO. OBO started as a family business and the primary consideration was to make every process or product contribute to the environment. Being a responsible brand we have always ensured that our business activities are economically, ecologically and socially equitable and viable.

OBO cable tray systems: Ecofriendly and easy to install

With a legacy of more than 100 years in manufacturing engineered cable trays, OBO Bettermann assures highest quality through its cutting edge features. Our company believes in manufacturing green products through sustainable engineering practices. Our Cable Support System range ensures least installation time, highest load bearing capacity combined with seamless functionality.

 Good reasons to choose OBO cable tray systems

  • 100% Adherence to IEC 61537 standards
  • Return flange arrangement enhances the mechanical stability of the cable tray 
  • Deep drawn perforation increases the robustness of the cable tray and also protects the cables from damage. 
  • OBO cable trays confirms to the load performance guidelines, as per IEC standards