Coaxial protection device for N connection: male/female

Parent Item no. cxmOID54963
  • 5-year warranty
  • Transition from LPZ 0 to LPZ 2
  • Communautés Européennes, EC declaration of conformity according to EC directives
  • Russia, GOST The State Committee for Standards
  • Installation electrotechnical expertise

Coaxial data cable protection devices

• High pulsed current carrying capacity 2 x 2.5 kA (10/350)
• Simple mounting (adapter plug), m = plug/f = female connector
• Optimised transmission behaviour
• 5-year guarantee
• With N connector
• Including OBO M25 Quick clip for simple installation

All types

All types

Types Highest
of poles
Item no. Quantity SSU
DS-N M/W 130 V 185 V 1 N 5093996
1 piece
Coaxial protection device for N connection: male/female
Coaxial protection device for N connection: male/female

Coaxial protection device for N connection: male/female

Item no. 5093996

Data sheet, 0.15MB, pdf

Technical data

Arrestor monitoring no
Category Type 1+2 / D1+C2
SPD to IEC 61643-21 Class I+II / D1+C2
Number of poles 1
Insertion loss ≤0,62 dB
Explosion-tested version no
Telecommunications contact no
Total discharge current (8/20) 10 kA
Total discharge current (10/350) 5 kA
Frequency range 0 - 3 GHz
Frequency range 0 - 3000 MHz
Cut-off frequency 3000 MHz
Maximum continuous voltage AC 130 V
Maximum continuous voltage DC 185 V
Insulation resistance >1 GΩ
Impulse discharge current (10/350) 2.5 kA
Capacity (wire-wire) <10 pF
Capacity (wire-earth) <20 pF
Lightning protection zone LPZ 0→2
Rated current 10 A
Nominal load current AC 7 A
Nominal load current DC 10 A
Installation type Connector/cable adapter
Testing standard IEC 61643-21
Return loss ≥14 dB
Shielding connection available Yes
Shield connection Direct
Protection rating IP40
Protection level <800 V
Protection level wire-wire <800 V
Protection level wire-earth <800 V
Signalling on device None
Connection system N
Impulse durability wire-wire C2: 10 kV / 5 kA (8/20µs)
Impulse durability wire-earth C2: 10 kV / 5 kA (8/20µs)
Temperature range -40 - +80 °C
Wave resistance 50 Ω
3D data
Invitation to tender text

Invitation to tender text

DS-N M/W / 5093996

Data sheet

DS-N M/W / 5093996, 0.15MB, pdf

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