Double trough, plastic

Item no. 1196405 | EAN 4012195082873

  • Halogen-free; without chlorine, fluorine and bromine
  • Communautés Européennes, EC declaration of conformity according to EC directives
  • Slot width 11–12 mm
  • Slot width 16–17 mm
  • Slot width 18 mm
  • Slot width 22 mm

Clamp clips allows both cables and pipes to be fastened to profile rails. The clamp clips are hooked into the appropriate slot widths of the profile rails and the component to be fastened is pressed onto the profile rail with the pressure trough of the clamp clip and held in place.

All types

All types

Types Colour Clamping
range D
sion B
sion H
sion L
Item no. Quantity SSU
2058 2 40 LGR Light grey; RAL 7035 34 - 40 mm 42 mm 18 mm 34 mm 1196405
50 piece
Double trough, plastic
Double trough, plastic

Double trough, plastic

Item no. 1196405

Technical data

Counter-trough/clip version Double trough
Suitable for max. cable diameter 40 mm
Halogen-free yes
Clamping range D 34 - 40 mm
Material description Polypropylene


Dimension B 42 mm
Dimension H 18 mm
Dimension L 34 mm
3D data
Invitation to tender text

Invitation to tender text

2058 2 40 LGR / 1196405