GES service outlets: A tried-and-trusted solution

Device installation units offer installation space for power, data and multimedia connections in the floor structure. Various solutions are available, depending on the application. For office installations, the GES service outlets have really proved their worth. They supply workstations and meeting rooms with reliable, discreet power and data connections via the floor. In so doing, they stand out through a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, as well as intelligent details.

Wide range of shapes
The GES service outlets are available in round and rectangular versions.

Wide range of sizes
The rectangular service outlets are available in the nominal sizes 2, 4, 6 and 9.
The round variant is available in the nominal sizes R4, R7 and R9.

Wide range of materials
Polyamide, stainless steel or aluminium are used as the materials for the service outlets.

Wide range of colours
The colour range comprises iron grey, grey-beige, graphite black and stainless steel. 

For which floor coverings are the GES service outlets suitable?

The GES system offers solutions for 

  • Wet-care floor coverings, such as tiles and stone floors
  • Dry-care carpet floors and textile floor coverings 
  • Moist-care floor coverings, such as linoleum, PVC, parquet and laminate

This means that the service outlets can be inserted discreetly in any floor covering.

With which floor structures are the service outlets compatible?

Service outlets are suitable both for installation in system floors and in underfloor duct systems from OBO, such as the EÜK screed-covered duct system and the open
OKA screed-flush trunking system.

For which loads are the GES device installation units designed?

For the plastic service outlets, we recommend loads of up to 2,000 N (200 kg). The metallic version doesn't only look good, it can also withstand stronger loads. Here, the recommended load is 3,000 N (300 kg). Additional special solutions, such as cassettes and heavy-duty cassettes, are available for areas of application with increased loads.

Advantages of the GES service outlets

  • Simple to open: Two variants are available, which have both proved their worth through simple opening: A handle clamp with integrated cord outlet or a lid with a locking slider. 
  • Modul 45 system: The Modul 45 system has established itself as the standard for electrical installations in underfloor systems. The system offers a range of installation solutions for power, data and multimedia technology. It is installed in universal supports and mounting boxes without using tools. 
  • Adjustable frame heights: By adding or removing spaces, it is possible to adjust the desired frame height to the floor covering. 
  • Lowerable mounting box: The mounting boxes for the installation of power, data and multimedia equipment can be lowered by a maximum of 25 mm in the locking ladder.
  • Range of varieties: In the outlets of nominal sizes 4, 6 and 9, up to 6, 9 or 12 Modul 45 devices for power, data or multimedia can be installed.

Which alternatives does OBO offer?

The solution for wet-care floors from the OBO service outlet range is the GRAF9. It is made completely of metal and offers a high load capacity. 
The GES55 service outlet is specially suitable for thinly layered floor structures. We would like to present the System 55 service outlets to you here in more detail. 

The planning checklist for your service outlets

Here, you can find a checklist with planning criteria to support you in the selection of underfloor systems with a service outlet.

  • The type of floor covering plays a key role in the selection of the right service outlet. A service outlet with tube body is always the best choice for wet-care floors.  
  • Select the size of the service outlet according to the number of accessories to be installed.
  • Observe the minimum installation depth for the installation of sockets, data and multimedia connections. 
  • To which loads are your service outlets subjected? Plastic service outlets are perfectly designed for normal loads in office and administrative buildings. By contrast, you should use metal service outlets for increased load requirements.
  • When you apply the floor covering in the service outlet lid, take height adjustment and the expansion gaps into account.